5 November 2024 | Hilton Tower Bridge, London

Empowering your in-house agency to inspire true excellence in the new media age-house

Join us at the Campaign In-housing Summit to discover how this trend is reshaping marketing operations for brands worldwide. You will hear form brands across various industries with diverse in-housing models and maturity stages.

Explore the in-house marketing trend

The marketing landscape is shifting, and in-housing is leading the way! The in-housing trend is gaining momentum as companies recognise the value of bringing creative, media and digital capabilities in-house.

Discover your ideal in-house model

Thinking of in-housing? Part of an in-house agency? Or leading a small expert team? We've got you covered! 

2024 Speakers & Agenda

Why should you attend?

Listen to top brands explain their in-house journey and how they have overcome challenges.

Form new connections and network with senior professionals from top brands

Hear from experts on how to empower your in-house teams.

2024 Key themes

  • Making meaningful business impact: how in-house agency leaders can demonstrate the value of in-housing and become a trusted business partner
  • Focus on creativity: Rediscovering the power of creative thinking to deliver a great brand experience
  • Organisational design best practice: winning in-housing models to improve agility, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Positioning your in-house team for a long term success: must-have skillset of your team and how to foster innovation culture to improve the quality of creative work and continuously deliver excellent performance
  • The AI revolution and its impact on in-housing: from current applications to how it will reshape the future of media and marketing