2023 Agenda


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Chair’s opening remarks by Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

The Vodafone journey – an in-housing masterclass

Discover how Vodafone:

  • strategically in-housed elements of its media buying and transformed its approach to marketing, advertising, and media
  • mastered the delicate balance between in-house teams and agency partnerships, creating a blended model that drives exceptional results
  • intend to adapt and innovate in an ever-changing marketing landscape

Moderator: Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

Competition or collaboration? Why agencies should embrace in-housing

There are many reasons why in-house teams choose to partner with external agency partners and will continue to do so. The trend of in-housing is not synonymous with a decline in work for traditional ad agencies; it merely signifies a shift in how they operate. A paper commissioned by the IPA Commercial Leadership Group 'Shift Happens' evaluates the role and maturity of in-housing in the current marketing ecosystem. 

In this session, the authors, Rhona and Janet, will share their main takeaways and attempt to answer the question, 'what does the evolution of in-housing mean for agencies?'

Bringing creative strategy in-house

Creative strategy and planning is an important but often overlooked function in creative in-house agencies. In this session, we'll explore how bringing creative strategists and planners in-house can improve the creative process, strengthen collaboration across departments and grow the ambition of in-house agencies.

  • Understanding the role of the in-house planner and exploring the benefits of having a dedicated strategist in-house
  • How planners can enhance the creative process and elevate the effectiveness of creative outputs
  • Aligning the in-house agency's goals with broader organisational objectives to grow its ambition and remit

Patrick Burgoyne, Co-Founder, In-House Agency Leaders Club


Morning networking break

Designing a future-ready in-house operational model with creative excellence & sustainability at the core

  • The benefits that the creative in-house solution has brought to E.ON UK so far… 
  • How OLIVER builds more agility and transparency into the brand’s marketing model 
  • The joint vision to deliver greener, cleaner and more sustainable marketing

Cooking up a new global visual identity – an impressive display of in-house creativity

In this session, we’ll go into the kitchen with Deliveroo’s in-house creative team to understand how they cooked up Deliveroo’s tasty new visual identity. They’ll share how they did it, what they learnt along the way and why their team is Deliveroo’s secret sauce.

Moderator: Matt Barker, Features Editor, Campaign

From in-house to integration – how to align your external agencies, stakeholders and team to deliver one brand mission

Drawing on the success of the Three sponsors Gogglebox campaign, Mat O’Brien, will share his strategies and tactics to effectively communicate brand values, creative visions, and campaign goals to ensure a unified approach and productive partnerships.



Growing pains: expanding your team and overcoming the ‘in-house bias’

  • Dismantling the perception that in-house teams are risk-averse and limited in creativity 
  •  Managing the existing agency ecosystem and maintaining positive relationships with external agency partners throughout the transition 
  •  Proving your value, gaining stakeholder buy-in and making the case for scaling the team
Moderator: Nicola Merrifield, Premium Content Editor, Campaign

Scaling in-house marketing teams to fuel growth

  • Strategies for building, structuring and scaling high-performing in-house teams to fuel growth and meet changing business needs 
  • Leveraging freelancers and external resources to tap into specialised expertise 
  • Using disruptive marketing techniques to stand out in saturated markets
Moderator: Nicola Merrifield, Premium Content Editor, Campaign


Afternoon networking break

Unravelling the commercial, contractual and regulatory challenges of in-housing

Join us for an informative session that delves into the key legal issues and considerations associated with in-housing: 

  • Legal preparedness - Learn how to legally prepare for an in-house move 
  • Commercial, contractual and regulatory challenges - Understand common legal issues and considerations that can arise when transitioning to in-housing, such as contract re-negotiations, vendor management, intellectual property, and data protection. 

Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

Building an in-house agency that creates at the speed of culture

The Kitchen North America, Kraft Heinz's 'inside' agency, has grown to 100+ people and won its first Cannes Lions within two years of inception. It was built on the idea of breaking down traditional barriers and driving creativity at the speed of culture. We'll look at the journey of the agency and how they brought this agile model to life.


Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

Chair’s closing remarks by Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign


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